The Mission of WiLL


To improve women and children’s lives by mobilizing the caring power of women.


Who is WiLL Helping Right Now?


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WiLL’s 10 Year Vision — Standing Strong by 30


WiLL has set a big, bold, bodacious vision for the next 10 years. The goal is standing strong by age 30 for women and girls in our community. The vision is set around education, income, health and transportation – United Way’s building blocks for a good life.
Education: high school diploma or equivalency and access to job skills training
Income: financially stable and have money left over at the end of the month
Health: Possess skills and know resources to support positive physical, emotional and mental, and oral health outcomes for themselves and their families, including prevention, access to care, healthy relationships, healthy eating, the ability to deal with chronic conditions, and stress reduction
Transportation: access to reliable, affordable transportation
Access to Services: have identification, record expungement, access to housing, and the ability to remove other barriers




Create. We have the entrepreneurial desire to create something new and concrete that responds to the needs of women and children in transition.
Change. We make a difference and bring about change. Connect. We feel connected with the impact of our giving. Commit. We are committed to giving wit, wisdom and wealth.
Collaborate. We inspire organizations to build partnerships and collaborations.
Celebrate. We celebrate and recognize each others efforts and successes.




WiLL arrived at United Way of Jackson County thanks to a dedicated, committed and engaged volunteer. Debbie Williams, Avista Utilities and United Way board president in 2005, travelled to Dallas, TX as part of the United Way of America’s Community Leaders Conference. While at the conference, Debbie learned of the Women’s Leadership Council initiative of United Way of America. These councils were forming in small number around the country capitalizing on the unique strengths of women to give back to community. Debbie’s return resulted in deep clarity of her goals while serving as United Way of Jackson County board president. She wanted to start a Women’s Leadership Council here and thus WiLL, Women Living Leadership, was born.


Women Living Leadership: Give. Advocate. Volunteer. The mission of WiLL is to improve women and children’s lives by mobilizing the caring power of women.


WiLL capitalizes on the strength of women as philanthropists, advocates and volunteers. It offers the opportunity to step forward and use heart, head and hands engendering change and making investments at critical transition points where systems fail and life keeps moving.


2017-18 WiLL Council Members


Amy Belkin (Teresa McCormick Center)
Anita Burke (Southern Oregon Goodwill)
Ashley Hughes (Teresa McCormick Center)
Belle Shepard (State of Oregon)
Kathy Bauer (John L. Scott)
Kimberly Young ( Community Volunteer)
Lisa Stauffer (Metal Masters)
Michele Jones (Community Volunteer)
Patricia Hebb (BLM)
Rebecca Vega ((St. Mary’s School))
Robin Dee Fusmer (Community Volunteer)
Seanne McVarish (Interior Designer)
Sue Slack (Community Volunteer)
Susan Fischer (Alliance Health)
Suzanne Callahan (State of Oregon)
Suzanne Zapf (Community Volunteer)
Tanya Stafford (Harry and David)
Valerie Stein-Retiz (Ashland Tennis and Fitness Club)
Valerie Taylor-Crow (Community Volunteer)