Day of Caring Compass House


Make a list.  Check it twice or three times.  What do you care about?  Really care about?  What will you give an hour a month to change?  Two hours?  Four hours – an hour a week?  There are thousands of opportunities waiting for you!

  • If you’re interested in education, join the Big Idea movement!  You can help!  Let’s get the Class of 2020 graduated and we mean the whole class!  It’s okay to aspire to 100%.  Join us! Contact Talia at United Way of Jackson County for a description of the mentoring, tutoring and other opportunities. Volunteer applications go through the Medford School District process – find the application at
  • Many of our strategic impact partners are looking for the right volunteer. To find the right place for you, check out our Partners.
  • can also hook you up. It’s full of ways to connect with our community.
  • is our volunteer hub in a disaster for the whole Rogue Valley. In an emergency disaster go there to register to help or make donations and to register to receive help.