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Increase high school graduation


Family stabilization and independence


Maximize wellness


Remove barriers getting to work,  school, and needed appointments

Advancing the Common Good

At its core, United Way of Jackson County believes people are connected and interdependent. When we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all. We all win when children form healthy attachments through a loving family, when they succeed in school, graduate and make successful transitions to adult responsibilities. We all win when families are financially stable, when people have good health, and when people are engaged and connected. We all win when people have transportation to pursue education, access medical services and work. Through our role as convener, facilitator and advocate, our goal is to create long-lasting change by addressing the underlying causes of problems. This belief forms the foundation for our strategies for education, income, health and transportation.

United Way brings people together to learn, engage and create change on the issues facing our community.  We help eliminate barriers that improve all our lives by focusing on the building blocks of a good life – education, income, health and transportation.

Today, we spend half our resources on direct service funding and longer term community change projects.  Some community initiatives include:

Direct service funding provides critically needed investments in everything from prenatal care to bereavement counseling and much of life that falls in between.  These investments help every other person in Jackson County!