Graduation Rate MSD 549C 2013-14


Graduation Rate MSD 549C 2015-16


Illinos Valley High School Graduation Rate 2013-14


Illinois Valley High School Graduation Rate 2015-16


Eagle Point High School Graduation Rate 2013-14


Eagle Point High School Graduation Rate 2015-16



Increase High School Completion


Our goal is for every kid to complete high school.  Specifically right now, for the Class of 2020 in Medford, Eagle Point and Cave Junction, our goal is 100% high school completion. After beginning four years ago, high school graduation is up 12%!  Engage, inspire, lead – join us!  Mentor a kid, tutor, coach, and show up!


It’s about potential. It’s about being present to provide love and developmental experiences that are the building blocks for a future where children thrive and reach their full potential.


KOBI NBC 5, Regence, Century Link, PremierWest Bank, and Lithia 4 Kids are bringing community, other retail businesses and schools together creating resources for children to receive educational experiences of the highest quality and innovation leading  to healthy, productive transitions to adult responsibility.


United Way also provides funding to partners working toward our Community Impact goal for Education – increasing high school completion.

Did you know that infants and toddlers brains are growing and forming fast – in fact their brains are 95% developed by age three.  There are many simple, loving and fun things parents can do to help make the right connections happen at the right developmental times.

The Jackson County Early Childhood Partnership Team, The Grants Pass Early Childhood Council, and the child care providers of Jackson and Josephine Counties have put together a number of  in-the-moment activities to help children grow and develop.

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