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Aaron Hoefling

First Interstate Bank

2020 Campaign Chair


As a volunteer, donor, and advocate for the United Way of Jackson County I am proud to be this year’s campaign chair.  The United Way is a leader in our community by connecting people and resources in ways that creatively address the significant challenges faced by many of our friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

Not only does United Way fund programs that focus on those basic building blocks of a good life, the United Way has become a change agent for areas such as high school graduation, mental health and suicide prevention awareness, meth and opioid addiction, child abuse, and empowering women leaders.

I am excited to lead this year’s campaign so that we can continue to lead that change by increasing impactful funding that supports programs across our community.  Join me in giving, advocating and volunteering to mobilize caring to affect change!

Aaron Hoefling

Retail Hub Manager, First Interstate Bank

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