I’ve been wondering who we really are.  I recently did the 23andme thing (not a commercial but it was cool).  So are who are DNA says we are.  Where does nature/nuture come in?  I was raised by the best mom in the world and she’s my stepmom although I’ve never called or thought of her as anything other than mom.  Aren’t I who she raised me to be?

I think about the kids in programs we fund and who they are.  Are they their parents?  Are they the amazing people who work with them at all the amazing kid programs we fund?  Are they their neighborhoods?  I think about older folks we help.  Are they their DNA or are they the sum of their lives?

I drive to work and look around.  And I still wonder.  I think about the Big Idea students.  They’re in 9th grade and who the heck were we when we were freshman in high school.  How do we take the next step and ensure their success.  Can you tutor an hour a week?  It’s not really scary tutoring if you just said to yourself, “No, that’s not for me!”  It’s about learning from a teacher to do an hour monitoring with a cool program called AVID.  We can all do that.  Help us to win the nature/nuture argument in a good way.  Call Talia Matthias at 541.773.5339 to sign up.  Cheerio,