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United Way Fire Fund


United Way has set up a mid to long term fire relief fund. This fund is to focus on recovery and rebuilding our community after the fires are out. When the fires are out, the rebuilding begins. Much work is before us.

If you need help or can offer help, please register at RogueValley.Recovers.org.

United Way isn’t a disaster response agency, but the whole community is engaged in disaster response right now and we’re part of this community. The majority of our staff time is devoted, full time, to helping connect people who need help, want to give, or volunteer to each other. We’re all in! We’re doing everything we can to help!

We need you to help us build the future now. There are many organizations and gofundme accounts to help. Please do what moves you to help today and tomorrow.



Please consider donating to help rebuild.




COVID-19 Recovery Fund Application

United Way of Jackson County announces funding from Jackson County and Jackson County Commissioners to provide assistance for rent relief, utilities, car repairs, etc.  The County has provided $1 million  in funding.  The application follows. 

Documentation is required and funding is limited to $1,500 per individual/family and $3,000 for small businesses.

Balance of Initial $2,500,000 Recovery Fund Remaining

Expended for Families, Individuals & Small Businesses

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And so it is done

And so it is done, for now… I knew we’d get here and I thought I’d feel great and proud of what we’ve done at United Way during the COVID19 crisis.  I do feel great and proud of what we’ve done and I feel profoundly sad that we have exhausted the funding for the COVID19 relief.  There are still places to go...

Feels good to do good…

Today was a bit calmer and we had the privilege of helping a man get back to his wife in Salem.  More on that in a moment… We have raised $379,468 and we have spent $334,774 on 922 families/individuals and we’ve given grants to organizations to help others through 40 different groups.  Here’s the breakdown:...

Listening and Action

These are remarkable times.  We have much work to do.  As I was driving in this morning, I saw a guy painting imaginary graffiti.  It made me think what I would spray paint if I did that.  And I realized very quickly, I’d paint Dr. Cornel West’s quote about justice.  He said, “Justice is what...

From Crib to Cremation

Our vision at United Way of Jackson County is creating positive community change.  Our mission is to mobilize caring to affect change.  I know we’re delivering on the promise right now.  We pride ourselves on being agile and responsive and with the COVID19 emergency relief fund, we’ve done just that.  As of...


Some days the generosity of this community is just overwhelming.  We asked for more than 2,000 masks from our community so that our beloved nonprofit workers would be able to #MaskUp!  And people are delivering each day!  My office is a little flooded and not being a seamstress, it reminds me of my Grandma’s sewing...

You’re the top!

Wow!  We just concluded a great transportation impact committee with some really important updates on people in need and how they get around.  It’s an ever-evolving topic.  People in our community are working hard for people they serve! To date, we've raised $339,968 and we’ve invested $227,526 in 616 families and 34...

Morning has Broken

It seems forever ago and it was.  And I’m pretty sure at the time, I didn’t want to hear one speech from anyone saying, “When I was your age…”  I’m not going to do that.  I’ve spent 8 years being excited for June 2020.  The Big Idea students are completing high school!  There was a lot of...

Hot, Hot, Hot

Each day I do an update to our Board of Directors and staff on our COVID19 Fund. Here's today to keep you interested. So we’re starting on what it feels like in the office with the broken air conditioner… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbc_LxfhSoY and it’s not the Buster Poindexter version; it’s the original The...

Some Days…

Some Days… Some days are amazing.  Someone nice sends you flowers.  At United Way, we have the best volunteers who brighten my day just being part of our work!  I was pretty sure the florist as at the wrong address!  Thanks Pat and thanks for being on our WiLL Council! We had a WiLL Council...

Age — Ain’t Nothing But a Number

Age – Ain’t Nothing But a Number And if you google to find out who said it, you can know all the people who sang it.  You can find it in short stories and poems and literature for years.  And then, there’s life… Today, an application for help fell through our mail slot.  It was handwritten and...



United Way of Jackson County believes in community:  We bring together our diverse population to discover and deliver solutions to the challenges which impact the health and well being of all of us.


United Way of Jackson County believes in compassion:  We offer opportunity, encouragement and inspiration within our community to care for one another.


United Way of Jackson County believes in empowerment:  We provide the ability to grow, collaborate and transform for individuals, organizations and communities.


United Way of Jackson County believes in vision:  We help people fulfill their potential and improve lives in our community by informing, advocating, convening and facilitating human services.


United Way of Jackson County believes in integrity:  We are honest and trustworthy providing clarity, consistency and strength in our mission.


United Way of Jackson County believes in inclusion. We promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our committees, councils, Board and staff. We develop leaders who are educated and aware of DEI. We work to ensure our policies and procedures honor DEI.

60 Hawthorne Street, Medford 97504

60 Hawthorne Street, Medford OR 97504